Our Jangga native title claim was lodged in 1998.  Our claim was nearly dismissed on two occasions.  David became our lawyer in 2009 and through his hard work and persistence our claim was finalised with an on country consent determination on 9 October 2012. Through David’s efforts we also managed to show the Judge and court staff some of our country.  I am only too happy to recommend David as a good lawyer.

James Gaston. Birri Gubba, Jangga and Juru Elder.

Gugu Badhun first lodged our native title application in 1994.  It wasn’t until David took over our claim in 2009 that our application got any traction.  David has the respect of the Gugu Badhun community because of the way he handled our claim and the relationships he established with our Elders and claimants.  Our successful consent determination on the 1st August 2012 is a result of David’s ability to navigate the native title system with the Gugu Badhun community with much cultural sensitivity, diplomacy and tact.  We are for ever grateful for our successful determination through his hard work and dedication to our cause.

Dale Gertz, Gugu Badhun Chairperson (2008-2016)

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